Custom Garage Doors & Installation in Columbus, Ohio


Door Depot installs new garage doors in Columbus, Ohio, to residential homes and commercial businesses. From classic wood to modern glass garage doors, we have the style that’s perfect for your house or business.


What materials are garage doors made of?

Garage doors are made of different types of materials and we can help you choose the best one based on your needs.

Steel Garage Doors

Durable, affordable, and easy to maintain, steel garage doors can be painted and even come in textures that look like wood. Commercial-grade doors use thicker steel that stands up to impact better than thinner ones.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Less expensive and lighter than steel, aluminum garage doors come in different finishes and textures. Aluminum may dent easier than steel, so if you have kids that play basketball in your driveway you may want to choose a more durable door.

Wood Garage Doors

Usually made with cedar, wood is a traditional material used in garage doors. Wood is a better insulator than steel and doors come in a variety of styles that you can paint or stain. Regular upkeep is required to keep wood doors looking their best, but their warmth and charm are worth it.

Glass Garage Doors

Commonly found in bars and restaurants, glass garage doors can also be installed in residential homes for the ultra-modern look.

Why should you get a new garage door?

Replacing your garage door is a great way to update the look of your home and improve curb appeal.


Here are 3 reasons to get a new garage door for your home:

  1. Too many repairs. How many times have you called to have your old garage door repaired because it stops working? Maybe it’s time to start over with something new. Keep in mind, all those service calls add up so you’ll save money in the long run.
  2. Your garage is a living space. If you converted your garage to a man cave, party room, kid’s play area or something else other than just a place to park your cars, consider getting a new, more modern garage door to accent the updated space.
  3. Lack of curb appeal. Is your old, worn out garage door making the rest of your house look tired and sad? Your garage area makes up a large portion of the façade of your house. Imagine what a beautiful new door will do to improve the overall appearance of your home!

Garage door styles for every home or business


Add the beauty of a carriage house garage door in classic wood grain, painted or stained.

Raised Panel

Get great performance and design with this popular style of garage door.

Recessed Panel

Traditional good looks with the durability of steel or aluminum.

Free estimates for all new garage doors

We stock several different styles and colors to fit any budget. We also specialize is custom made wood garage doors and have over 30 years of experience creating the perfect look to go with your home or business.


Welcome to the World of Customized Garage Door Designs!

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